Jacob O. Henry

Jacob O. Henry

Jacob O. Henry was born in Denmark in 1987, and lives and works in Copenhagen. He is educated as a Visual Artist with a Master of Fine Art from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2019.

Jacob's art practice contains various forms and methods, such as sculpture, installation, relief and wall works, photography, as well as larger site-specific projects in galleries, urban place and landscape.

His works are based on observations of the constant human impact in nature and the construction and transformation of physical space.

Through the use of collecting discarded industrial building materials, which he combines with geological and organic materials, he investigates how to utilize 'insignificant materials', and upcycles them in other forms in regards to their altered values.

In a practical methodology, he creates new forms and spaces, and investigates imitation in regards to objects and materials in different environments.

His works question what occupies our minds and memories in regards to both nature, as well as its ever-increasing confrontation with the aesthetics of artificial, modern-day landscapes.